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Pet Cat Sugar Energy Ball Lick Toys Catnip

Pet Cat Sugar Energy Ball Lick Toys Catnip

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- This product contains catnip, which is a cat's favor, can let the cat be excited and remove hairball.
- Yellowfish gelatin helps cats grow healthily in the eye and brain and increase immunity.
- The bottom of the product can be glued to the ground or wall, and the cat licks the food interestingly.
- The product has a transparent cover to protect. When cats do not want to eat, you can cover it up until the next eating.
- All foods are non-toxic and natural, this energy ball is harmless and healthy for cats.

Material: Non-toxic
Material: Catnip, Gold Fish Gelatin, Micro-elements
Item Type: Pet Energy Ball
Size: As the picture shows
Color: Green, Blue
Target Audience: Cats

Package Content:
1 x cat energy ball  

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